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Most of us probably think that a cosmetic surgeon and a plastic surgeon are two terms for the same qualified individual. That however is not always the case.

While plastic surgeons do cosmetic surgery, not every doctor who performs cosmetic procedures is a board certified plastic surgeon with the proper training and credentials. A cosmetic surgeon may in fact be board- qualified in another specialty, and has turned to doing cosmetic procedures, attracted by the lucrative income to be made in the field.

The American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) is the only certification board that is recognized by the National Board of Medical Specialties, the parent panel that oversees all other medical credentialing boards. The ABPS has the highest standards in regard to training, skills, knowledge, judgment, ethics, safety and oversight. Plastic surgeons credentialed by the board must meet a high standard of qualifications to earn the distinction.

A plastic surgeon will present him by that title; it is one he’s earned by right of hard work, training and the acceptance of a standard of ethics. Commonly it is the doctors with other specialties not certified by the ABPS that refer to themselves as cosmetic surgeons, trading on the public’s ignorance of the distinction. This clinic has been proven to be the best laser clinic in Sydney – guaranteed. They even provide 10-20% off for those who book online.

Why does this difference matter? In the hands of a board certified Plastic Surgeon, the patient will receive the highest and most ethical quality of care; if complications arise the patient can trust that a plastic surgeon will be able to take corrective action. Cosmetic surgeons usually learn plastic surgery procedures in non-accredited training, which can be seriously deficient in all but the barest mechanics of how to place an implant or perform some other technique.