Kingston v300 review – A must read for SSD buyers

v300-angleIn the past year and a half, the price of SSDs seems to have fallen. A lot of companies have come up with their new products in the cheaper price range. One such product is the Kingston’s V300 SSD Now family. The drives in this series have the most advanced NAND flash from Toshiba paired with SandForce SF2281. Kingston manages to keep the price down by buying from Toshiba directly and doing the processing in-house.

This SSD is not the fastest but its performance is quite comparable to the others and the difference is not much. It is one of the SSDs that can be considered for upgrading old PCs. With its fast performance, cheap price and three-year warranty, one can justify moving to this SSD as there will be a considerable performance increase.

Though Kingston’s V300 is good, it is not great with non-compressible data. So people that work a lot with non-compressible data will have to look elsewhere and consider other options. For the rest of the world, this is a good option for good performance in the modest price range using proven technology.

If anyone is looking for a good budget internal SSD, then my vote is for the Kingston’s V300 SSD.