Ideation or Creation- Which one would you choose when you think of making a high gloss furniture?

What comes first in your mind when you think of a house looking exemplary and complete? Absolutely, the furniture plays a vital role in any home to give a sensation of completeness and good ambience. But, the high cost of new furniture may reverse your thought process to stay composed with the old ones instead of replacement. This can be changed now and in this modern era where anything is possible, the absolute richness of a new furniture can be brought to your old ones with an easy solution in the form of fresh new high gloss paint. Doesn’t this sound exciting?

Now, let’s see the process involved. First, the worn out piece needs to be moved to a bright and fully ventilated area, covering the top with a newspaper and prepare the surrounding area too, before starting to paint. Secondly, check for any incompatible areas and if found, cover and sand them appropriately. If sanding was required, then use a damp cloth to wipe the dust after that. Then, coat with Rust-Oleum Mode Primer and pat dry for twelve hours. Finally, spray the paint in a side by side movement with one stroke minimally touching the next, holding the can for about twenty-five centimeters away from the object’s surface. Coat at least 2 times and make sure you give some drying time between each coating. Lastly, leave it to dry for another 60 minutes. End result achieved! One of the best in high gloss furniture business HighGlossFurnitureSpecialists Ltd..