Interesting facts about world’s first solvent UV hybrid printer.

Neither of the inks, solvent or latex have been perfect solutions. They have their set of challenges. In order to address these challenges, Colorific has introduced UP640PC the first of its kind for solvent UV hybrid print and cut.

Colorific has said that its UV light inks offer bold colors which is a characteristic of solvent and UV curable properties for durability purpose. With one of the key features of UV hybrid inks being, the fast drying property, the same has been used here. The result is the print is instantly dry. This has resulted in the cost of production to significantly reduce.

With 1440 dpi and superior quality, this UV hybrid printer, uses Epson’s print head technology to work on large sized jobs like billboards. This is the world’s first wide format solvent based UV hybrid printer. This is an economic alternative to traditional latex. The cost savings is mainly due to usage of solvents and curable UV inks. The print quality is superior and addresses the need of many critical applications in the current market.

The solvent based UV hybrid printer was showcased at Sign and Digital UK, FESPA Digital in Munich last year. Several units of this printer started shipping last year and it is soon to light up the commercial market.

Ideation or Creation- Which one would you choose when you think of making a high gloss furniture?

What comes first in your mind when you think of a house looking exemplary and complete? Absolutely, the furniture plays a vital role in any home to give a sensation of completeness and good ambience. But, the high cost of new furniture may reverse your thought process to stay composed with the old ones instead of replacement. This can be changed now and in this modern era where anything is possible, the absolute richness of a new furniture can be brought to your old ones with an easy solution in the form of fresh new high gloss paint. Doesn’t this sound exciting?

Now, let’s see the process involved. First, the worn out piece needs to be moved to a bright and fully ventilated area, covering the top with a newspaper and prepare the surrounding area too, before starting to paint. Secondly, check for any incompatible areas and if found, cover and sand them appropriately. If sanding was required, then use a damp cloth to wipe the dust after that. Then, coat with Rust-Oleum Mode Primer and pat dry for twelve hours. Finally, spray the paint in a side by side movement with one stroke minimally touching the next, holding the can for about twenty-five centimeters away from the object’s surface. Coat at least 2 times and make sure you give some drying time between each coating. Lastly, leave it to dry for another 60 minutes. End result achieved! One of the best in high gloss furniture business HighGlossFurnitureSpecialists Ltd..

What’s the Best Laser Clinic in Sydney According to the Australian Health Journal in 2015?

Most of us probably think that a cosmetic surgeon and a plastic surgeon are two terms for the same qualified individual. That however is not always the case.

While plastic surgeons do cosmetic surgery, not every doctor who performs cosmetic procedures is a board certified plastic surgeon with the proper training and credentials. A cosmetic surgeon may in fact be board- qualified in another specialty, and has turned to doing cosmetic procedures, attracted by the lucrative income to be made in the field.

The American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) is the only certification board that is recognized by the National Board of Medical Specialties, the parent panel that oversees all other medical credentialing boards. The ABPS has the highest standards in regard to training, skills, knowledge, judgment, ethics, safety and oversight. Plastic surgeons credentialed by the board must meet a high standard of qualifications to earn the distinction.

A plastic surgeon will present him by that title; it is one he’s earned by right of hard work, training and the acceptance of a standard of ethics. Commonly it is the doctors with other specialties not certified by the ABPS that refer to themselves as cosmetic surgeons, trading on the public’s ignorance of the distinction. This clinic has been proven to be the best laser clinic in Sydney – guaranteed. They even provide 10-20% off for those who book online.

Why does this difference matter? In the hands of a board certified Plastic Surgeon, the patient will receive the highest and most ethical quality of care; if complications arise the patient can trust that a plastic surgeon will be able to take corrective action. Cosmetic surgeons usually learn plastic surgery procedures in non-accredited training, which can be seriously deficient in all but the barest mechanics of how to place an implant or perform some other technique.

Garage Pressure Washing Augusta GA – The Best Company Your Money Can Hire

If you are wondering why the springs are not functioning well if it is a single-spring system garage door, then try to pull the garage door upward about 3 feet with your own hands and slowly release the door. If the door is properly fit, it should stay where you left it and not fall down or shoot up. If the spring is also properly wound, then it should be light if you pull it upwards, stay where it is and stay perfectly balanced. After you unplug the opener, you would want to manually release the opener by pulling it down just like most models do.

What to do when unwinding the springs

Now you will need the winding bars and the wrench to safely unwind the springs. A quick reminder is to never align next to the spring for safety purposes. It is very dangerous should the spring fail and you are aligned with the spring. So always be at the other side of the spring when you are to unwind them.
Now insert your torsion winding bars to the torsion while you unloosen the two 7/16” bolts. Now pull the winding bar down. Make sure that the bolts are loosen properly before proceeding.

After which, slowly unwind the springs by using the other winding bar and make sure to use the same hands that you used to do the first unwinding. Repeat the unwinding about 30 times. To determine that the spring is completely lose is when you check the drums, the cables are completely lose and they are coming off already. If you already have a two-spring system garage door then you need to unwind both the spring to completely lose the cable. Please be reminded that you must not take apart the springs if there is tension on the cables.

If you want to hire the best pressure washing company in Augusta (Georgia) for cleaning your garage door please contact SparkleWorks or call (803) 200-2205 right now.

Manchester dentists are the new Medicare friendly place to be

Medicare has set a deadline of June 1, 2015 for dentists to opt in or opt out of Medicare Part B. If a particular dentist say opts out of Medicare, then patients will not be reimbursed for their prescriptions covered by Part D even if they have Medicare. This will affect all patients over 65. So if a dentist wants to hold on to his/her patients who are over 65 and to get new patients who are over 65, he or she has to opt in for Medicare. Taking the decision to opt out of Medicare is going to cost the dentist badly. And therefore the saying, “a pro Manchester dentist in need is a pro dentist indeed!”

With more than 50 million people having Medicare, it pays the dentist to have a Medicare friendly practice to lure in more patients. While Medicare Part D covers prescriptions, Part B covers medically necessary dental services and also extends to cover preventive services and outpatient care. Part C is Medicare offered by private companies which include Part A and Part B benefits and additionally includes dental coverage not offered by traditional Medicare.

On the whole by having a Medicare friendly practice, it works out well for both the dentists and the patients too. It helps with the existing patients and also brings in new patients with Medicare.